Return / Exchange Policy

Step 1: Repack the item with all the tags still attached.

Step 2: Call your courier service or drop the items to any of their service point.


An item is missing from my order

Hmmm. Very strange. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we’ll fix this immediately. If you have already paid, then we shall ship it at our own cost, or refund you on your credit card.

I received an imperfect product

We are sorry, but that should not happen. Our products go through strict quality control checks before shipping. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving defective goods and we will compensate for this issue.
Take a couple of pictures to show the damage and leave tags and labels on the item. Keep the original packing and ship it back to us. Talk to us via email and we will replace it with an item of the similar price of your choice from the current catalog. Please mention the product code in the email. The item will be exchanged and not refunded. (if the original product is not in stock) .

The items I received are not identical to the ones in the pictures

Please inform us within a maximum of 24 hours of receiving your goods so we can correct the picture on our website. Kindly note that exchange policy terms and conditions apply.

I have received wrong items

Sorry about that. Please report this within 24 hours and we’ll ship the correct items to you without delay. Use our exchange facility.

I received a wrong/no invoice

Please Talk to Us and we’ll sort it out immediately.

Check inside your order. If the note is not there please contact us and we’ll email it to you.

What do I do if I want to return or exchange one or more items?

You can return your entire order only if it is damaged or incorrect size and as long as the items are new and in their original condition with tags and labels.

My item got damaged after only one use

We are sorry about this. All of our products are authentic and certified by the manufacturer. However, we do not offer extended warranties beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Anyway, tell us more about your unpleasant experience and we’ll address the case, but we do not return nor exchange damaged items after you’ve used them.

How much will exchanging the items cost me

It’s absolutely free of charge provided the exchange product is of the same amount. except for your courier service cost. Your replacement items will be shipped to you as a new order. (if the original product is not in stock)

Can I return used items?

Can’t be done, no how, no way. Sorry.

I did not use my items, but I lost their tags/labels, can I still return them?

Come on, try harder. Find the tags and labels then return your items!

I did not like my received items, what can I do?

99.9% of the times should not happen-what you see is what you get.

Can I exchange more than one item?

For sure. Only if its damaged or not of the correct size.(Refer Size Chart from Product detail page)

Can I return items that I did not pay for?

Sorry. If you received an item as a gift or a giveaway, then it’s neither returnable nor exchangeable.

I do not want an exchange, I want to return the product

Yes. Of course –if it’s a GENUINE EXCEPTIONAL CASE.

 Can I check that you have received my returned item(s)?

Yes you can. We will notify you via your registered email id.

How do I cancel my return request?

No need! If you did not return the item, nor officially notified us via email requested our help to schedule with the courier company, then your return request will expire within 7 days.

What happens to my refund if my credit card doesn’t exist anymore?

We’re afraid we can only refund amounts on the credit card used.

What happens if I return the items, but they were lost on the way?

If you have proof of delivery from the courier company then we’ll consider your return request valid.

How long would it take to show the refund on my credit card?

It usually takes 8 to 10 working days.

The credit card I used is no longer valid; can I get my refund on another card?

We can only refund amounts credit cards used for the purchase.

My item got damaged after only one use

Unfortunately we do not offer any warranties beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. You may tell us more via email and we’ll address your case.